Enterprise ...

is based in Menen, on the French-Belgian border. Since its establishment in 1830, the firm was much influenced by French organ building. The work of Aristide Cavaillť-Coll played an important role in the development of our work in those days. The neo-baroque movement of the early 1960's barely influenced our methods.

Today we also build, repair and overhaul other organs than those with mechanical action. We restore cone chests and Barker machines. Apart from maintenance and optimization, we restore and overhaul about 5 organs each year. These are mostly built after 1850. On occasion, we also build new organs.

When and where possible, we apply modern technology. In our opinion, the organ builder should look at his work in ways directed to the future, as it used to be before the 1960's, and not merely look back and borrow from a further past.


Management ...

Andriessen Orgelbouw Anneessens bvba is directed by Eng. Paul Andriessen, born in 1961 in Alkmaar as a son of an organ builder.

In 1984 he graduated as an industrial engineer in electronics, majoring in regulation techniques at the 'IndustriŽle Hogeschool' of Kortrijk.

After his studies in organ building in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States where he studies the organ with Prof. Edward Zimmerman, he took over his father's enterprise "Andriessen-Anneessens".

Today, his work is focused on maintaining, overhauling and optimizing over 200 organs, from the organ of St Peter's of Oostkamp (in mean-tone temperament) being one of the smallest, up to the five-manual organ of St Baafs Cathedral of Gent (in equal temperament).

Apart from mechanical action, he also specialises in other types of action.