St Eligius

  Anneessens / Digital extensions, 2009  

The Anneessens organ of St Eligius parish church in Westouter is a beautiful and valuable instrument, which remained in a good condition throughout the years. However, the organ lacked power and its specifications were too limited. The pipe organ has 10 stops and is built entirely into the tower, reason for which it doesn't radiate its sound sufficiently into the church. There is no room for extra pipes on the small organ loft.
The Rev Kenny Brack, an organist himself, proposed to expand the organ by using digital stops.
The pipe organ was completely overhauled in 2009. Then 18 digital stops were added by 'Orgelhuis Delobelle' of Kortrijk. A lot of attention was paid to the choice of digital stops and the voicing, so that the digital stops mix perfectly with the Anneessens pipework. The entire system was built in such a way that only minimal modifications to the original organ were necessary, all of which are entirely reversible. The Monarke sampling technology, delivered by Johannus Orgelbouw from Holland, causes the digital stops to have a same kind of vivid sound as the real organ pipes.
The festive inauguration of the overhauled and extended organ by organist Ludo Geloen of Ypres is planned for the end of September 2009.









    Prestant 8 *     Prestant 8     Prestant 16  
    Diapason 8     Holpijp 8     Subbas 16 *  
    Bourdon 8     Viool 8 *     Prestant 8  
    Gedekt 8 *     Zweving 8 *     Gedekt 8 *  
    Octaaf 4 *     Octaaf 4     Bazuin 16  
    Open Fluit 4     Fluit 4 *     Klaroen 4  
    Quint 2 2/3     Nasard 2 2/3 *    
    Octaaf 2     Woudfluit 2    
    Cornet IV     Terts 1 3/5    
    Mixtuur III *     Hobo 8    
    Mixtuur III     Tremulant    
    Trompet 8          

Hoofdwerk - Pedaal
Zwelwerk - Pedaal
Zwelwerk - Hoofdwerk

Stops marked with * are the original Anneessens stops.